Let’s Talk Dessert

One of my favorite things about Shabbat is that it gives me a weekly excuse to try new recipes. This week I think I’m going to make homemade pizzas (made on a cheap pizza stone). I’m thinking spinach, white bean and talleggio, plus maybe a traditional olive, and a butternut squash (lots of cool pizza recipes here). Plus I’m thinking this pesto soup, some fresh salads, cold beer, and then dessert. Choosing what to make for dessert is possibly my favorite part of planning any meal. I am happy to have my friends bring contributions to my meals, but I always ask them for salads, side dishes, wine, or challah. The dessert is mine, all mine.pistach_brownies.jpg

Here’s what I’ve been thinking for this week: Spring has totally sprung in New York and I’m really in the mood for some lemon cake. There’s this fancy adaptation of Ina Garten’s lemon pound cake that looks delicious and also adorable. On the other hand I recently had a chocolate and pistachio nut biscotti that changed my life and I’m thinking I may want to run with that theme and make these pistachio studded brownies that look absolutely delectable. And on the third hand, I have been craving babka like whoa recently, and I’ve never made one, so maybe this is the week. Life is full of such hard decisions, people!

But thank God for Shabbat or I wouldn’t have an excuse for any of this!

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