Celebrity Holocaust Memorial

Do you like TMZ.com? What about their TV show? I gotta admit that a highlight of my morning is reading TMZ on my Google Reader. How else would I know that Ke$ha went to a zoo in Australia last week? These are things that we need to know.

But sometimes, our obsession with celebrities can be a little excessive. Four words to prove my point: Celebrity Fit Club 7. Shows like that teach us that maybe there are some things that we don’t really need to know about our favorite actors (is Kevin Federline an actor?).

But that doesn’t mean celebrity obsessions are always bad. Take for example, Who Do You Think You Are, the celebrity family tree show on NBC. In what is (shockingly) not a trashy show, celebrities like Spike Lee, Susan Sarandon and Matthew Broderick find out about their past.

And with Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, coming up this Saturday night and Sunday, I thought I would share some clips from Lisa Kudrow’s (of Friends fame) episode, where she goes to Eastern Europe to learn about a whole side of her family that perished in the Holocaust.

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