Passover Round-Up

I’m not even going to try to cover all the Passover happenings in Internetland. I’m just going to throw it out to you — and you can try to keep up with them all (or not).

And while you’re reading, we’ll start you off with some perusing music.

* The new single by Darshan, “Chad Gadya,” was released yesterday. You can listen to or download it right here, for free.

<a href="">Chad Gadya &times;&mdash;&times;&ldquo; &times;&rsquo;&times;&ldquo;&times;&trade;&times; by Darshan</a>

* Have you sold your chametz yet?’s online chametz seller is a trusty path — and, while you’re there, you can sign up for a daily email reminder to count the Omer — since, as of the second night of Passover, the game is on. The USCJ’s also has a online submission form.

* In Melbourne, Rabbi Meir Rabi introduces “laffa style” soft matzah — which has always been available in Israel for Sephardim (and anyone who likes to live on the edge), but not as readily purchasable in such Ashkenazi-centric areas as, well, Australia. However, as Galus Australis‘s David Werdiger reports, not everyone appreciates its newfound availability. Werdiger writes:

When you consider that the Pascal offering was a young lamb, cooked on a spit, and it was not permitted to break any of its bones, the whole seder is looking more and more like a family barbeque. Picture the lamb roasting on the spit, with people carefully carving off meat onto a plate. As per Hillel’s custom, they would then place a quantity of the lamb slices into their pita-style matzah, and add some bitter maror (shredded horseradish or perhaps harif), and voila! You have perhaps the first documented shawarma!

(In the article, Werdiger also notes that Wikipedia hat-tips Hillel in their article about the invention of the sandwich.)

* Finished with the song? Good. Because now you can tune in to G-dcast‘s tremendous new Passover episode featuring the Four Children (and a bunch more).

The Passover Seder…With the Four Sons! from

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