Terrible Israeli T-Shirts Exposed

Walking around New York, it’s very easy to point out the tourists on the street. They walk slowly, closely guard their pockets and are wearing their “I Heart New York” shirts. Of course, the shirt thing is not a phenomenon exclusive to New York. I’m sure if you went to Los Angeles, you’d see plenty of “I Heart Botox” t-shirts.

But perhaps the worst offender of the terrible tourist shirt is Israel. This was a well kept secret among the Jews that we buy terribly cliche shirts while visiting the Old City. But Dan Hopper of Best Week Ever has ruined it for all of us.

On a recent trip to Israel, Hopper took pictures of the worst t-shirts he found. I’m embarrassed that I’ve considered buying some of these in the past. Check out what he found.

I’m also kinda sad that I haven’t been in Israel since MJ died, meaning I haven’t been able to buy this awesome shirt.

michael jackson israel

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