I’m a PC, and I’m a Hookah

The nerds have gone too far this time. Just too, too far. At what point do you say, “You know, if you want to smoke from a hookah so bad, why don’t you just buy a hookah?”

But no, no, no nerds. You had to out-do us. You couldn’t be like the rest of the young Jews. You needed to nerdify the hookah (not that the hookah is cool by the way. Don’t smoke anything, kids). Just take this photo for example. That’s right. It’s just an old computer that was turned into a middle-eastern smoking device. No wonder they hate us.

I wonder what flavors of tobacco you can get for the iHookah (yes, I called it the iHookah): mouse, cookies, apple, apple pro, firefox, and blackberry.

Am I wrong here or have PCs gotten that bad?

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