Spider-Man Crawls Up Kotel

I asked Tamar, our intrepid co-blogger here, if there was such a thing as too many wacky Purim photos. Really, I just wanted to show off yet another intersection of Orthodox Jews and Spider-Man.

spider-man at the kotel with hasidim

In the true spirit of giving, Frum Satire sent me the link to the photo on the Life in Israel blog. Although this person isn’t the first Hasid I’ve ever known to dress up in a skin-tight Spider-Man costume, he’s the most fervent person I’ve ever seen to pray while in one.

Unless, of course, you count that amazing scene in Spider-Man 3 where Green Goblin is about to die and Peter Parker rips off his mask and cries out in anguish to the heavens, beseeching G*d not to let his childhood best friend die, even though he used to be a bad guy until he saw the error of his ways….yikes. I’m about to show actual emotions. I’d better just hit the publish button.

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