Blogger’s Pick: What to Do on Purim

As a kid, Purim was a pretty great holiday. My synagogue had a big carnival with tons of food and candy. Let’s just say that mini hot dogs + my ability to throw bean bags into a hole = pretty good time.

purim shpiel at 92y tribeca But now that I’m an “adult,” the options for what to do on Purim have become more complicated. Living in New York City has made this issue even more difficult. With so many things to choose from, really, the only way to decide on how to celebrate your Purim is to go with what interests you the most.

Do you like drinking? I’m sure you have some friends who are having a party. Plus, this year’s Purim is on a Saturday night. Just go to a bar. Do you like music? There are many, many, many Purim concerts, for kids and adults alike.

My personal interest happens to be comedy. And Purim is perfect for comedy. There must be hundreds of Purim shpiels being performed across the country. Yet arguably the best one can be found in NYC.

Last week, I posted the promo video for The Shushan Channel’s Purim Party, (Jerry) Wolfman DDS. If you thought that was funny, then you definitely should check out the actual performance this Saturday night at 92Y Tribeca.

The lineup is hot. It features Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show; Scott Adsit, from 30 Rock; a video from Joel McHale, star of one of my favorite shows, Community, and tons of others. It’s $20 in advance, and $30 at the door (but it will probably sell out, so get your ticket now).

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