O Canada is Jewish

Fine, the song isn’t Jewish, nor was the person who wrote it. But if you saw the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, you saw a very Jewish version of Canada’s national anthem. Because the girl who sang it, jazz phenom Nikki Yanofsky, is a Jewish girl from Montreal.

nikki yanofsky amazing singer

To be fair, I had never seen an opening ceremonies before this year. They are always on Friday night. But thanks to the magic of DVR, I finally saw this one (and thank god DVRs let you fast forward. Man, it’s boring).

Even though it was pretty boring, there were some great parts to the ceremony. And on the top of that list was 16 year old Yanofsky’s rendition of O Canada. It was especially cool for me knowing that Nikki lives just a short block away from my parents (not that she would have any clue who I am). So listen to her again, because I gotta give shout outs to my neighbors and fellow Montreal Jews.

You don’t even have to be Canadian to realize how good this girl is.

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