Many Takes on Hamantaschen

We’re closing in on Purim, and in my apartment that means it’s time to start making candy vodka, and of course hamantaschen. I have a hamantaschen recipe that I love, but this year I decided to do some research to see what other hamantaschen-related resources I could find.

Aside from our wonderful recipe at MJL (courtesy of Joan Nathan) there’s my own standard, Mark Bitten’s take, the Smitten Kitchen attempt, and the Epicurious traditional recipe.

I also found videos online demonstrating what looks like a truly amazing rhubarb hamantaschen

And this video shows two chefs making a chocolate hamantaschen with a white chocolate filling. Frankly, this looks good enough I may have to try it this year, standards be damned.

Finally, this is a music video that equates eating hamantashen with, um, oral sex. It’s SFW in that there’s no actual nudity, but it is pretty shocking.

So, who’s hungry?

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