Buy Yourself Some Nikes

You’d think I’d tire of talking about Omri Casspi. But every time I think I’m done, the guy just gets more and more popular and receives more and more press coverage. It’s gotten so crazy that the Kings have become worried that Omri has become TOO popular. Seriously.

This weekend, he started in the Rookie-Sophmore game at All-Star Weekend and was invited to play in the NBA H.O.R.S.E game. It was really amazing to see how well liked he is by everyone in the league and all the fans.

But I think my new highlight of this amazing season (I mean, besides getting to go in the locker room to meet Omri–not to mention the free dinner the Kings gave me) has got to be this new Nike commercial featuring Israel’s greatest basketball player.

Watch it over and over again. It’ll give you the chills.

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