The Dangers of Jewish Food

Do you know about Uncyclopedia? It looks like Wikipedia, but it bills itself as “a content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.” Basically, it’s open-source insanity that is sometimes funny.

This morning one of our food writers, Avigail Hurwitz-Prinz, emailed me a link to the uncyclopedia article on Jewish Cuisine, and, well, it’s possible my mind exploded a little:

In general, Jewish cuisine is very much what one might expect from any sweet-toothed, stodge-loving ethnoreligious group many members of which spent roughly half of their history in a part of the world where food is characterised by extreme flavour and the other half in one where food is characterised by consisting mostly of fat. Early Jewish life in the Middle East and later history in Northern Europe allowed the Jews to select all the least healthy dishes from both and combine them into a distinct style of their own, creating what is perhaps the most unhealthy style of cooking ever devised.

There are weird and gross pictures. There are jokes about blood libels. There’s an extended riff on the Geneva conventions. It’s just crazy. And weird. Very weird.

I haven’t been able to make it through the full article, but if you’ve got some time on your hands because of snow or earthquakes or whatever, it’s worth a look. Doesn’t quite conform to my sense of humor, but I think it falls squarely under the interesting column. Wow.

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