Omri, We Meet Again

Last time I was at a Sacramento Kings game, I had full access to the team’s locker room and I bumped heads with some of my all-time favorite players. Of course, I had a reason to be there. I was interviewing Omri Casspi and his brother Eitan.

omri casspi the jewish basketball player

While Eitan told me that he will be in attendance for tonight’s game at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks, I, sadly, somehow was not granted access to the locker room. (DON’T THEY KNOW WHO I AM!?!??! I’M JEREMY FREAKING MOSES).

I’ll just be stuck with the “regular” folk in the “general seating.” And let me tell you something. I’m somewhat disappointed. Why? Because tonight is Jewish Heritage Night at MSG. This means there will be thousands of Jews on hand rooting for Omri.

You’d think this wouldn’t make me angry. But it does! I want to look like I’m rooting for the Kings. Not because I’m Jewish, but because I’m as die-hard as they come. More than that, I know that New York fans have a reputation for heckling visiting fans.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a HUGE Omri Casspi fan. The kid can ball (I can call him a kid because I’m two years older than him). But I’m also a huge Donte Greene fan. And a huge Ime Udoka fan. Will the Jews be rooting for them? I believe not. (Ed. note: I can all but guarantee this will be the only time Ime Udoka will ever make it onto this blog. He is like the Birkat HaHammah of Jewish basketball references).

Seriously, All I want is to be heckled. For the love of all good things, someone either call me a name or threaten my life tonight.
But of course it won’t happened. And it’s all Omri Casspi’s fault.

UPDATE: Here is a highlight from last night’s game. Omri finished with 18 points.

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