Is Pauly D’s Stalker Girl Orthodox?

Finally! An excuse to talk about Jersey Shore! It’s funny that with all the talk that the MTV show gives Italians a bad name, I was wondering when they would make an excuse to give the Jews a bad name too.

Well, look no further than last night’s episode. Pauly D, the 29-year-old creepy DJ from Rhode Island, was in a bit of a predicament. He had met a cute girl from the club, Danielle, that he was seriously interested in. Except Danielle wouldn’t leave him alone. She followed him on the boardwalk and repeatedly called his house trying to get in contact with him. She even makes him a shirt that says “Everyone loves an Israeli Girl” after one day of knowing him. A bit stalkerish if you ask me (and him).

As you could have guessed from the t-shirt, Danielle is Israeli. But why would I wonder if she is Orthodox?

She certainly doesn’t dress modestly (by the way, I can’t find any pictures or video of her. You are just going to have to watch the episode). To be fair, she doesn’t dress like J-Woww either. But when our boy Pauly D tried to bring her up to his room, Danielle informed him that it is against Judaism to have sex before marriage.

Nathan Rabin from the A.V. Club described the situation (no, not that situation) as follows: “DJ Pauly D encounters his very first stalker, an Israeli woman who is saving herself for marriage yet inexplicably seems to think her Bashert may be a crazy-coiffed juicehead.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I have a feeling she probably isn’t Orthodox. I think she might just be plain old crazy. Here is Pauly D’s Facebook status from last night: “Wow Stage 5 Stalker Just Contacted Me !!! Ahhhh !!! Helpp !!!!”

Don’t worry Pauly, I’m not into Israelis either.

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