What We Missed, 2009 Edition

Almost every day I come across some article or blog post that’s worth sharing with the Mixed Multitudes. I usually get around to posting it, but sometimes I just flag it and then let it sit in a folder for ages on end. Since it’s the last day of the year, and you’re probably not doing much work anyway, here’s a nice little linkdump for you—all the of the stories I didn’t get around to blogging, but that I think you’ll still like. Click away, and happy new year!

January 2009
What Waltz With Bashir can teach us about Gaza

In Chile, the Catholic Church was in uproar over a fashion designer, who planned a fashion show featuring designs inspired by the Virgin Mary, but worn by revealingly clad, and in some instances virtually topless models.

Gaddafi suggests new state called ‘Isratine.’

Is Heaven overwhelmingly populated by racists?


The Ashkenazi privilege checklist

If programming languages were religions…

If God were sued, would one have to serve God with papers? After all, one might argue, an all-knowing God might not exactly need notice. Relevant because a Nebraska state senator sued God. Seriously.

Christians learn to write love letters.

Facebook doesn’t like rabbis.

60 year old document claims Hitler had bad manners and terrible gas.

Israeli man dressed as Spiderman lassoed cars.


Should Catholics give up texting for Lent?

Play God on your iPhone

The Jews of Old Kiev—what language did they speak?

Kottke discovers appliances with Sabbath mode, and Shabbat elevators.

Milk and Honey peanut butter balls

Was there ever a female ruler of Ancient Israel? Maybe.

Cultural ‘War’ for Hasidic Music Hits Brands: Touring, Sponsorships Reportedly Under Strain for Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Artists

Wearing a full veil may be a health risk.

The more often Americans go to church, the more likely they are to support the torture of suspected terrorists, according to a new survey.

Newsflash: Women can be trusted to keep their kitchens kosher

Judaism Often Happens Without Warning in New York

Simplified Missional Living is a little creepy but super effective.

Is eternal damnation worth a little bacon?

Combat soldier who stole credit card from Palestinian home during Gaza offensive returns money with interest.

Jesus goes casual like Friday.

Is it worth it for ultra-Orthodox women to get divorced just to get the perks? (Probably not, no.)

Angelic Tech Support

The Muslim equivalent of Jdate in Gaza.

Religious murder over a cup of tea.

Justin Timberlake and the Jewish Federation.

This is the best recipe I made all year. Make it for Shabbat. Seriously.

Megachurches are basically just successful corporations.

Man Injured After Using Nail Clippers to Circumcise Himself

Russians cast monkeys as Jews in the circus.

Israel’s first real farmer’s market.

Frum single girls may be wearing some super sexy lingerie under those long skirts. Get thee to a shidduch date.

Ricky Gervais takes on Hitler and the results might make you pee in your pants.

Frumsatire looks into Chabadmatch.com and the result is awesome.

Orthodox Jewish blind people may touch their dates, even though that technically violates the laws of shomer negiah.


Awesome podcast with transwoman Joy Ladin, a poet and English professor at Yeshiva University.

Tons of pareve dessert ideas.

If you get arrested while trying to break into a kosher deli, I wouldn’t advise biting the cop, even if you are really hungry.


One in every 33 women who attend worship services regularly has been the target of sexual advances by a religious leader.

A woman in Israel died at age 99 leaving 1400 descendants. For real.

Who’s more hated: the atheist or the believer?

Overheard in New York takes on the Chosen People.

Don’t even think about faking your virginity in Egypt.

The Pope does not want you to use this condom.

Politics, Palestine and Sesame Street

Armbands for the kosher keepers.

My friend Raysh Weiss reviews A Serious Man.

MediaMatters compiled a list of the number of times Glenn Beck has compared Obama to Hitler, or Fox News to Jews in the Holocaust, or America to just-pre-Nazi Germany.

Atheist ad campaign comes to NYC buses.

The truth about the dinosaurs.

Another ad campaign starring Hitler.
I do not understand the world at all.

Why everyone should have premarital sex.

The Jews of the Mayflower

Tyra Banks learns about the mikvah, and thinks it sounds awesome.

People would rather follow Winston Churchill on Twitter, than Jesus.

Black Jewish blogger MaNishtana explains the Mikvah in an awesome video over at Memoir of a Jewminicana.


Garisson Keillor doesn’t like Jews writing Christmas songs. Or Unitarians.
Full disclosure: the sound of his voice makes me want to throw up.

A cow was born with a cross on its head. Somebody named it Moses. So where’s the cow with the Jewish star on its head. That’s what I want to know.

This Hanukkah mashup/remix is sick.

Israel’s the first country to introduce a point system into their organ donation. You get more points if you and your family members are organ donors, and thus can be moved higher up the list when you need a donation yourself.

Apparently, most believers think God agrees with them. I have no idea why this is news.

Awesome game to play on Wikipedia. Start in a random article, and by clicking through links see how quickly you can get to the Jesus article.

The Kitchn introduces me to recipes in a jar, which they suggest make good holiday gifts, and all I can think is this is freaking perfect for a shalach manot on Purim.

Dear Old Love addresses finding a smoking hot Jew in the armed forces.

From Date to Mate is a pretty good faux reality show about Jews dating in NYC. Watch it online for free.

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