Israeli Sumo Wrestlers–The Next Big Thing?

Last night I went to the Israeli Film Festival with some friends, and saw A Matter of Size. Here’s the synopsis of the film from the festival website:

A touching, light-hearted comedy about a group of four ‘very’ overweight friends in the Israeli city of Ramle decide to start a sumo wrestling club where their size is an asset to escape from the dictatorship of diets espoused by their weight-loss group. In the process they all experience a ‘coming out’ of a different kind – learning to accept themselves both in life and love.

I haven’t enjoyed a movie as much as this one in a really long time. It’s funny, smart, unconventional, and remarkably poignant. There are two more screenings in New York at the film festival, so if you’re around, please add it to your schedule. It will probably also be making the rounds at Israeli film fests all over the States this year (I’m pretty sure it’s in DC now, and rumor has it it’s coming to Miami and LA) so please, run, don’t walk, to buy tickets.

Below you’ll find one scene from the movie with subtitles, and the Israeli preview, sadly, without subtitles. Enjoy!

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