Dessert Hummus: The Verdict

Some of you may remember my post from a few weeks ago about what I considered to be a blasphemous new product on the market: dessert hummus. You can find recipes to make this “treat” online, but the Dessert Hummus company sells five flavors: chocolate mousse, pumpkin pie, toasted almond, peanut butter, caramel apple, and maple walnut.dessert_hummus.jpg

I challenged the good people at the Dessert Hummus company to send me some of their wares so I could make an educated review of their product, and to my complete surprise, they sent me a box of their hummus. Thank you, Dessert Hummus people!

So, I really had my doubts about sweet hummus. I just couldn’t imagine it being good. And, um, I was pretty much right.

I thought that most of the flavors were really bizarre-tasting and definitively not delicious. The chocolate mousse, for instance, was really chocolatey, but then came this weird hummus aftertaste, and, well, yuck. By far the worst was, as I suspected, Apple Cinnamon. Fruit and hummus should not mix, people. Just say no! I also thought the Maple Walnut was pretty unfortunate (though Jeremy liked it, and is now eating it by the spoonful). The problem with the Peanut Butter flavor was really the texture. I think if it was significantly smoother I would have been less grossed out. And, to my utter shock, I actually kind of liked the Pumpkin Pie and Toasted Almond flavors.

Toasted almonds, it turns out, go pretty well with chickpeas, and this shouldn’t really be as much of a surprise to me as it is. And pumpkin pie actually usually has a texture that’s similar to hummus, so somehow the pumpkin flavor in this form seemed perfectly fine. I’d even serve these two to my Shabbat guests (but be warned–they’re not hechshered).

Still, I stand by my original point: hummus is sacred and should not be mixed with other flavors willy-nilly. But if you are going to mix it with something, I suggest toasted almonds.

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