Win a New Midlife Crisis!

Earlier today, we told you how cool Kohane of Newark is:

They are sometimes awkward and darkly meaningful, like “Pizza†(an ode to the victims of the Israel Sbarro’s bombing); sometimes funny and angry and nostalgic, and the angst and sexual awakening of “Festival†— which is quite possibly the most introverted Hanukkah song I’ve ever kohane of newarkheard. Then there’s the “White Weddingâ€-inspired anti-love anthem “Shoshana†(â€Shoshana’s had all her dreams shattered/by meâ€). Characterized with deep grooves, moody, dark jazz, and all-out rock, “Kohane†is weird and extroverted and unexpectedly both raucous and meditative. more

Now, you’ve got a chance to hear the magic for yourself. You can hear tracks on iSound, and you can also try to snag a CD from us directly. We’ve got a couple of copies to give away — as well as the charity disc produced by Kohane’s frontman, Ricky Orbach, Pioneers for a Cure, which features Dov Rosenblatt, Rashanim, Tovah Feldshuh, a duet by Frank London & Joshua Nelson, and 14 other awesome folks.

This contest is easy. Just send an email to matthue (at) myjewishlearning (dot) com by Thursday night. We’ll pick two names at random. And you’ll be able to rock out to Kohane of Newark for the rest of your life!

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