If Not Now, When?

The internet can be funny sometimes (Seriously, have you seen this YouTube thing? It’s pretty cool). I’ll be planning on writing about something cool or interesting on the blog for a while. I’ll keep pushing it back and back and back until I eventually forget about it.

But then, as I said, the internet can be funny sometimes. Last week, I saw a supremely hilarious comedian perform. I’ve been passing along his videos to others (shout out to my brotha from the same motha) and have recently decided that, even though I only know a very limited amount of his material, he might just be one of my new favorite comedians out there.

And since Moshe Kasher is most obviously a Jew, I thought I would share his talents with you, the Mixed Multitude nation. But, I pushed it off, like I always do.

Then, God himself (or herself, this is the 21st Century afterall), came down from the heavens and said, “JEREMY. YOU MUST BLOG ABOUT MOSHE KASHER.” (By the way, God is pretty computer illiterate and can’t quite seem to figure out how to get his keyboard off of Caps Lock.).

Where was I? Oh yes. God told me to write about Moshe Kasher. You see, I’m perusing around the internet yesterday, and I discover the new list of Heeb Magazine’s Heeb 100. And lo and behold, right in front of my Canadian fellow tribesmen Kenny and Spenny, is the one and only, Moshe Kasher.

I thought, well either this is a sign or I’m late coming on board to the Kasher fellow. Either way, I’m passing on his comedy. He’s legit people. Legit to the extreme.

I guess I should warn you, if easily offended, don’t watch. Watch this video instead.

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