Beep beep Shanah Tovah Beep Beep!

You are probably sending all of your Jewish friends messages wishing them a Shanah tovah today. You might be doing it on facebook, gchat, twitter, or carrier pigeon. In Israel, you’re probably doing it via text or SMS, because apparently there are 43 million New Years greetings texted during Rosh Hashanah. It costs about 44 agurot per text message, so basically, the cell companies in Israel are having a very sweet New Year.

For more about this craziness, check out the video below (it’s in Hebrew without subtitles–sorry). It includes the requisite whining about how no one sends real letters or calls anyone anymore, we all just do everything via text and facebook. Then they encourage everyone to buy actual cards and send snail mail greetings this holiday season. Then they feature a letter my friend Adi made (woot!).

I’m all for that, but I have to say, there are only so many people that I want to send a real letter to. My good friend David? I’ll walk to the mailbox for him. That guy I once met at a USY dance in 1999–he can read my good wishes on my fb wall.

Plus, facebook is more intimate than you think. That video I posted? Found it on Adi’s wall.

And with that:
Tamar Fox is wishing all of the Mixed Multitudes blog readers a happy, healthy, and sweet new year, and an adventurous Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrr!

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