Kanye, Meet the Apologenator 5000

This Kanye West guy has got to go away. I’ve never really been a fan (I mean, except for this moment. This is just amazing) of him, his egotistical behavior, and (don’t hate me) his music.

But now he’s gone too far. While I’m not one to care about award ceremonies and famous people cheering for themselves, I still feel for Taylor Swift. At the MTV Music Video Awards last night, hosted by my man Russell Brand, as Taylor Swift (who it should be mentioned is only 19 years old) was accepting her award for “Best Female Video,” Mr. West jumped onto the stage, grabbed the mic from her and ranted that Beyonce had a better video and Taylor didn’t deserve to win.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the entire pop world has exploded in anger towards Kanye. And he has been forced to apologize. Twice.

But I’ve noticed a trend this past weekend. People just don’t know how to apologize anymore (Serena Williams anyone?). It seems like any time a celebrity apologizes for something, it sounds so insincere that they actually make the situation worse.

Our friends at JDub Records obviously have these people in mind. With the High Holidays coming up, JDub has created the Apologenerator 5000, for those who don’t know how to apologize. This Mad Libs inspired website will help you apologize for even the worst of crimes. So check it out.

But since I’ve done little to know wrong this year, I’m just going to listen to some sweet Taylor Swift melodies.

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