Brett Favre is a Putz

Oh, you don’t think I can find a Jewish connection to the whole Brett Favre debacle? Is that a challenge? Well, sir, I accept your challenge.

If you don’t follow football, I’ll quickly catch you up. Brett Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He has started every single game for his team since 1992. He was the face of the Green Bay Packers. Then, he thought about retiring. Then he decided to return. Then he retired. Then he decided to join the New York Jets. Then he retired. Then he was offered to join the Minnesota Vikings. Then he decided to remain retired. Then he decided to join the Vikings. Ooooh…Did I mention that the Vikings are the arch rivals of the Packers? Yep. Favre’s ego is bigger than Bono’s.

So how does this qualify to be on Mixed Multitudes? First, Favre took the starting quaterback job away from half-Jew (plus raising his kids Christian), Sage Rosenfels. You gotta support the Jewish athletes.

But second, and this one is much more important, the sports world’s reaction to Favre’s return has been swift and harsh. Take for example, former Vikings wide receiver, Cris Carter. Now an ESPN analyst, Carter was very unhappy with how his former team has handled the whole situation. But when asked if he thinks the Vikings are Superbowl contenders, his answer, below, proved that Carter didn’t go to Yiddish school.

“I don’t know that, because I don’t know if they have the glue–the meshugenah–that thing that brings a team together. The training camp that you can depend on me, you can count on me. I’ve got your back, you’ve got my back.”

Pretty hilarious. If you want to skip all the analysis, the funny stuff happens at about 5:15 mark.

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