The Evangelicals are Coming for Us!

Remember the Promise Keepers? No? Well they were a big group of Evangelical men who liked to meet up in arenas and talk about how much they loved Jesus, and how loving Jesus meant subjugating women, rock out to the praise band, wave their hands in the air like they just didn’t care… And when I say big group, I mean BIG. They routinely filled 50,000 seat stadiums. The Promise Keepers were enjoying a lot of success in the late nineties, but their momentum stalled in the early 00s, and these days their meet-ups are pretty measly. So what are they doing to try to muster a bit more enthusiasm from the evangelical community?
promise_keepers.jpgThey’re converting Jews. For real.

If you don’t know a lot about Jews for Jesus, I recommend checking out our Ask the Expert that addresses this issue. Go ahead and read it now. I’ll wait.

Just to review: Jews don’t believe that Jesus was the messiah. Judaism is not something that you can get rid of–if you’re born a Jew, or if you convert into Judaism, you’re Jewish no matter what you believe. But Judaism is predicated on this idea of waiting for the messiah. If you believe that the messiah came already and you’re waiting for him to come, that’s an inherently non-Jewish belief.

I think it’s manipulative and scary to have evangelical Christians working with such intensity to bring Jews to Christianity, especially when it’s done under the guise of “Jews for Jesus.”

This stuff really freaks me out. Am I over-reacting?

Watch the scary ‘Sharing Yeshua’ video here. Oy.

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