Maccabiah Games Score a Major Coup

Michael Phelps must be too good for everybody. Why should anyone attend the World Swimming Championships just to compete for second place?

American swimmer Jason Lezak clearly understands my rationale. Lezak, who actually is a triple Olympic gold medalist, is skipping the World Championships next week in Rome. Usually, when athletes skip major events in their sport, it is for injuries, family tragedies and steroid suspensions. Lezak has none of those excuses.

Lezak is skipping Rome because he is competing in the Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Now, I’m no expert in swimming. Nor do I bet on sports. But if you have a chance to place a bet on the Maccabiah Games swimming events, do it. If Lezak loses, then he isn’t trying. The guy (I think) is a top-5 swimmer in the world. I think every other swimmer going to Maccabiah just started to cry a little bit. Their dream of gold will have to wait a couple more years.

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