Max Blumenthal Strikes Again

Max Blumenthal is starting to get annoying. If you don’t remember who this guy is, I posted a video he made at a New York Israel rally a couple months back, interviewing uninformed attendees (all Jews) about Israel, so they can give him cute soundbites that make everyone look dumb.

Blumenthal is back, with a vengeance. A couple nights ago, the night before Obama’s big speech in Cairo (which, by the way, for all the bashing I’ve read by some of my Facebook friends, I actually thought it was pretty good), Max hit the streets in Jerusalem and came across a bunch of drunk, American Jewish teenagers. Of course, Blumenthal being the “journalist” that he is, decided to interview them and post it on YouTube.

There are two things that need to be covered here. So I’ll cover my opinions on Blumenthal first, then talk about the kids in the video.

I think a comment on my last post put it best: “This is how Max Blumenthal rolls. He’s kind of like an Ali G except he takes himself seriously (thanks ajblander).” Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) realizes that his whole deal is a big joke. As funny as Blumenthal’s pieces can be, he really does take himself seriously. After my first post, I had a bit of an e-mail exchange with him and he stands by the videos he made.

Blumenthal is the worst kind of journalist. He doesn’t care about truth. He cares about a story. He catches people off guard and purposely tries to make them look like idiots. Ambush journalist is dirty and people can see through your act. Interviewing a bunch of kids who are literally sluring their words when talking to you isn’t going to win you any awards.

But for all of Blumenthal’s journalistic faults, the kids in the video shouldn’t get off with a warning for what they said. If you watch it, and I recommend you do, you will hear these kids saying some pretty hateful things about Muslims, Barack Obama and Blacks. I may not like Blumenthal’s videos, he is correct in showing the increase in racism in the Jewish community, especially in younger Jews.

The more I hear Jews say things like they say in this video, the more scared I get.

Thanks to “The Accountant” for sending me the vid.

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