Your Cousin Moishe’s Take on Your Intermarriage

Today Jewcy features a scary letter that a guy named Noah (Noah Feldman, is that you?) got after getting engaged to a non-Jewish girl. Noah’s cousin Moishe has some harsh words for the groom-to-be, but sadly, it’s difficult to pin down his point, and his spelling is, um, lacking. Here’s a bite-sized excerpt, because the entire letter is epic-length:
ortho_guy_on_ground.JPGAll you are doing is feeling like a bigshot with this pretty animal on your arm and it is only to fill a lack, which you likely do not perceive that you have, and I am inviting you to get real about that now.
I’m sorry to hurt your feelings.

Please do what you can to stop this return to home and to torah.

Time is running out. From a Torah perspective, this “Wedding” is WORSE than a funeral.
Specifically, there is REALLY no joy in the matter, even for those who think there is.

I will tell you honetsly, you are literally killing your mother, becasue literally that is what you are doing.

You are being a branch o a tree that is not wishing to continue producing that tree (via fruits with seed pods, etc.) you are literaly cutting yourself off (by wishing to create goyishe children) from ALL your ancestors.

You don’t have to do this Noah.

Please Don’t

You do not have to keep protecting your emptiness and loss and as long as you continues to judge yourself unfavorably as what caused such bad decisions to begin with- and for hyou to stop doing that would be almost destroying how your whole life is organized (to prove to others how successful/ smart) you are. Please get real and save his life now.

Not just decades are at stake here.

This is the modern holocaust.

And you are a modern Jew Killer should you go through with this.

This was said and sent in love.


I will delete without reading any ‘clever’ or ‘irritated’ responses that do not imediately acknowledge and address what I am saying.

I am interested in you ending this not having any kind of dialogue about it.

Emphasis mine.

I’ve never been the person to go to if you’re looking to have your interfaith relationship condemned (quite the opposite, actually) but it’s this kind of letter that makes those kind of people look like absolute morons.

For the love of all that is good and holy, learn the definition of the word literally, Moishe. Pick up a dictionary. Pull that giant stick out of your ass. Try it, you might like it. Just a suggestion.

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