This Week in “Are They Jewish?”

This week’s contestant is the star of Fox’s new show Glee, Lea Michele. I’ve talked about Glee in the past and last night it finally debuted.

Michele, in my opinion, stole the show, as well as my heart. The writing on the show leaves something to be desired but the music is incredible. And not enough credit can go to Michele, the former star in Broadway’s Spring Awakening. Needless to say, for me, it was love at first sight.

But is she Jewish?
Reading up on Michele, I learned that her real name is Lea Michele Sarfati. Bingo! First big clue. Lea Sarfati is a majorly Jewish name. So far so good…I’m making the wedding invitations now…

But I need more than that. After doing a little more researching, I have hit a major wall. interviewed some Broadway stars about their Christmas traditions. One of the interviews? Lea Michele. Her answer:

“On Christmas morning, I go over to my aunt’s house, where there are 20 cousins. There’s so much wrapping paper that you can’t even find the children.”

There is no mention of Chinese food. This is bad.

Conclusions: I’m going to with half-Jew. You can’t get away from the last name. But you also can’t ignore the Christmas traditions. The real questions are…what does she consider herself? Did her mom convert? Anything?

I think this video explains my feelings on her. All are genuine.

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