Things That Keep Me Occupied

The NBA Playoffs are now in full swing. The second round started yesterday with Denver defeating Dallas. Boston beat Chicago on Saturday night to cap off one of the great basketball series I had ever witnessed.

But there is something missing. Not only did my team, the Sacramento Kings, miss the playoffs this year, they finished with the worst record in all of the NBA.

Now, if you follow a sports team religiously, and they miss the playoffs, one great way to keep yourself occupied is to pour over potential draft picks that can help your team in the future. Sports blogs and websites LOVE to create mock drafts and they update them quite frequently.

This year, the Kings have three picks: possibly #1 overall, #23 and #31. So when I read mock drafts, I get a good share of potential Sacramento Kings players.

One mock draft that I frequent comes from Reading their draft version 4.2, I had a pleasant surprise.

With the 23rd pick, the Sacramento Kings select…Omri Casspi, out of Maccabi Tel Aviv!

If the Kings draft a Jewish kid, I don’t know how I would be able to contain my joy. I fear that if I went to the draft (which I actually hope to do), I’d run up the stage and give him a huge hug. Someone hold me back now.

Also, check out this remix that someone made of Casspi. The music in the background is The Killers “Things That I’ve Done.” I’m not sure if the creator of the video was trying to be ironic, but the lyrics in that song include “I got soul but I’m not a soldier.” Being that Casspi is Israeli, lives in Israel and is born in 1988, I have a feeling he skipped the army. Awesome.

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