Big News: Shul Is Boring

I love when major news outlets come out with stories about something as if it’s a new! novel! idea! when I’ve been doing it for ages. It makes me wonder if I’m way ahead of the curve, or if major news outlets are going out of style for a reason. dc_minyan.jpg

Anyway, here’s an article in the Washington Post about independent minyanim.

Gathering in group homes and college dormitories, in rural woods and apartment buildings, a growing number of young Jews are spurning traditional synagogues and forming worship communities that blend ancient traditions with modern values in ways that religion scholars say could redefine American Judaism.

The young people represent some of the most devout of their generation and, worried that they are being lost, rabbis and other Jewish leaders in the Washington region and elsewhere are working hard to bring them back into the fold, including offering financial grants to independent groups who are willing to create partnerships with traditional worship communities.

Full story.

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