How Jews Eat

Just in time for a return to the b-word — you know, the one that some people won’t even say during Passover — MyJewishLearning is proud to present an introspective, intergenerational, intercultural look at the most Jewish of all Jewish holiday activities: eating.

Last month, director Judy Prays took a decidedly non-how-to-like approach to examining How Jews Look. Which is to say, instead of looking at how Judaism tells people to dress or look like, she looked at what Jews actually do look like. This time around, Ms. Prays (yes, that’s her real name) takes a look at How Jews Eat.

In the film, we hear from four radically different people about everyone’s favorite Jewish social activity. Henry returns to show us around a Manhattan Jewish deli, a scene he knows well–he’s been in the deli business for over 60 years. Arielle gives us survival tips for hunting down vegetarian food in South America. We also check back with Miriam, a Hasidic Jew whose family Shabbat custom is not at all what you’d expect it to be. And Yoni invites us over for dinner, and for what we promise will be the coolest song you’ll ever hear in your life about sushi (yes, sushi).

So check it out. Let us know what you think. And share your own stories in the comments section about how you eat, or what you eat, or what you love about being a Jew and eating.

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