Bring Back Jason Castro!

A quick email exchange I had last week: Friend: Wanna meet up next Tuesday night after work? Me: Yeah, as long as I’m home before American Idol.

People are shocked when they find out I’m a huge American Idol fan. What can I say though? I’m a sucker for good voices and product placement. Of course, I watch it with a grain of salt. I have no intention of ever buying an album from any American Idol contestant (Of course, if you wanted to buy me a David Cook album for my birthday, I wouldn’t complain.).

With tonight being the 7th night of Passover, I will be missing Idol (along with Lost tomorrow night, and the 1st half of the Canadiens/Bruins playoff game on Thursday). I’ll get over it. But don’t think I’ll be at synagogue dying to listen to the crazy talents of Allison Iraheta (Seriously, check this girl out. And then consider the fact that she is only 16 and your mind will be blown).

But one person I won’t be missing is this season’s presumed favorite, Adam Lambert. While the world has a love affair with him, I’m putting my ear plugs in. He’s got mad pipes, but he is WAYYYYY too over the top. And what some people call “range,” I call screeching. Horrible, horrible, screeching. Also, he did the least tasteful Johnny Cash cover I’ve ever heard.

Now, there is this video circulating around the Jew-net for the past couple of days. It is of Mr. Lambert singing “Shir LaShalom” at a Yitzhak Rabin Memorial. Of course, this brings up questions as to whether or not Adam is Jewish. I looked on the Google, and I have yet to be able to confirm or disconfirm this. Meh.

Watch this video. Adam manages to ruin a beautiful song like Shir HaShirim. For some reason though, everyone else seems to love it.

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