Why Aaron? Jewish Theories on Lost

Once again, SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen this week’s episode of Lost, “Whatever Happened, Happened,” and are planning on watching it, stop reading right now.

Last week, my post on Lost was about re-incarnation and the idea of John Locke being the Moshiach. Of course, it was a theory that was somewhat de-bunked in this week’s episode. I’ll try to be right more often.
Of course, if I wanted to, I could try to find some Jewish comparison to Kate and Sawyer bringing the injured Ben Linus to
“Mythical Creature Richard” to heal him (and that, in theory, would be pretty interesting). But I don’t really have that much info to back up what I want to say, so I will skip it.


What I do want to talk about is the main focus of the episode, Kate and her inability to carry on being the “adoptive” mother of Aaron. Namely, I want to discuss the name of Aaron. Aaron, of course, is the name of Moses’ brother and his right hand man when delivering the Hebrews out of Egypt.

I want to believe that Aaron is a special character, someone who has great significance to the people on the island. One theory I do have is that Aaron is supposed to be like Moses (they can’t use the name Moses because no one would name their kid Moses. I would know, it’s my last name).

In the Book of Exodus, all Hebrew boys who were born were automatically thrown into the Nile, in order to prevent a future army from rising up against the Pharoah. On Lost, with Claire arriving on the island pregnant, there was a great fear for her life because mothers in the past had died during childbirth (while the child supposedly survives, I think the connection is strong enough to make an argument).

When the “Oceanic Six,” as they are known, leave the island, Kate adopts Aaron, much like Pharoah’s daughter adopts Moses. But as we learn in this week’s episode, Kate is not supposed to be Aaron’s mother. She is so sure of this that she decides to return to the island to find Claire.

This is not out of the blue. In Season 1, Claire is told by a psychic that she cannot put the baby up for adoption. She must raise the baby herself.

This eventual return to the mother is very similar to Moses as well. Moses learns of his heritage and, to make a very long story short, becomes the leader of the Jewish people.

Is Aaron supposed to return to his Claire so she can raise him to be the leader of the people?

Umm…maybe? I’m pretty lost.

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