Israel is for the (Jordanian) Dogs

Sometimes Israel and her enemies are able to come together to help get an ill child the services he or she needs, but this is the first time I’ve read about a canine bringing Israel and Jordan together. Ynet reports:HMKA.jpgKing Abdullah’s dog dies in Israel

After falling seriously ill during IDF offensive in Gaza, Jordanian royal family’s pet secretly rushed to Jewish state for medical treatment at Beit Dagan veterinary hospital. Doctors regretfully fail to save beloved pet’s life.

I love dogs, and I think it’s great that a sweet puppy was able to garner support from Jews and Arabs, but I also find it kind of insane that Israelis can secretly operate on the Jordanian king’s dog, but the two groups can’t sit down at a table and agree about, say, things that affect millions of people. Talk about bizarre priorities…

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