Sarah Silverman Has Ruined the World

Damn you Big Schlep. Damn you.

Because one Jew made one funny joke in a viral video, now every Jewish organization thinks they can do the same.

Case in point, MASA. Don’t get me wrong now. MASA does great things, giving away a TON of money to allow people to go on programs in Israel. But in attempt to be cool and hip, they just came off as lame.

Check out their video (below) titled “A Better Stimulus Plan.” In the video, a young woman is doing a standup routine at a retirement home. None of the old people find any of the jokes funny and eventually yell at the girl for comparing the current economic crisis to The Great Depression. Then it makes an implausible transition to say that Israel is an “Better Stimulus Plan.”

First off, what does that even mean? There is no explanation to their new slogan, probably because it makes no sense.

Listen, awkward humor can be funny. Just look at The Office. That show pulls off telling unfunny jokes while making you laugh with ease.

That sad thing is that a couple Facebook friends of mine have actually posted this video as something funny. I hope you agree with my decision to subsequently delete said people from my list.

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