Everything You Wanted To Know About Mezuzahs (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Almost two years ago, silkscreen artist David Arfa sent out the call for submissions for MezuzaZine, which is exactly what its name implies — a zine (that is, a photocopied do-it-yourself magazine) that tells everything you need to know about a mezuzah.

In Arfa’s words, MezuzaZine is “a 12 page Do-It-Yourself mitzva guide that contains hip and authentic articles and images about mezuzas.”

Of course, you could just go to our site about mezuzahs and read up on it. But, if you’re old-school or looking for a different approach or just want to see a different sort of art form, Arfa’s printed up 200 copies of it — and probably has done some wild design work or special printing — and is selling them for just $1 to cover his costs. Arfa asks: “Would you like to get your hands on a printed copy? or maybe even help distribute? I am trying to cover the printing costs by selling each for $1- there are 200 copies. Let me know if you want one or a bunch and let’s make a deal.”

The zine features original work by Rabbi Jason Miller, Jeanette Friedman, Ketzirah, Ari Fornari, as well as an essay I did about writing love letters to God.

This is a really cool little project, and I really hope it gets all over the place. There’s nothing like people getting inspired by random things in Judaism and making it their own, and that’s exactly what David did with this zine. There’s a preliminary website, too — but, as of now, only the print zine has the full spectrum of articles. To find out how you can get a copy, or help distribute, drop David a line to find out how you can throw in a buck.

By the way: cross-posted to Jewschool.

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