Jewish Food Tourney: #2 Lox & Bagels vs #3 Challah

I’m going to have to stop predicting who will win these matchups. The voters are highly unpredictable. I wonder if there is a correlation between voting patterns and what time of day/week it is. For example, if you vote in the morning, are you less likely to vote for something like Brisket?

But this is an interesting match. In #2 Lox & Bagels, you have bread with fish in the middle. While #3 Challah is just bread. challah.jpg

But it is no ordinary bread. In a battle of breads, challah kills bagels. That isn’t even a question in my mind. But the issue here is whether or not the lox (and cream cheese if you so desire) makes up for the inferior bread.

Nothing says Sunday brunch with bubbe like Lox & Bagels. Then again, nothing says Shabbat dinner with bubbe like fresh Challah.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the last match. We more than doubled our previous record for most votes. The winner of this match will play #4 Latkes in the finals.

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