Jewish Food Tourney: #3 Challah vs #6 Apples & Honey

Big game today here at the Kosher Food Invitational (MJLKFI). Of course, it will be a lead up to what I believe is the best 2nd round matchup, Latkes vs. Cholent.challah.jpg

#3 Challah has a pretty strong game. In terms of taste alone, Challah is one of the best breads. It is so good, that God demanded we eat two of them on Shabbat, knowing that we would run out of the first.

Growing up, there was always a fight in my house for who got the biggest piece of challah. Somehow my younger brother always won, which was bull, but I kind of got over it.

The question is, will people be afraid to vote for bread? Just remember, as I said in its 1st round matchup against #14 Pickles, Challah is the highlight of Shabbat dinner. You can disagree with this, but bad challah can ruin an entire Shabbat. I read that in the Talmud.

#6 Apples & Honey is an interesting case. Its downside is that there is no cooking involved. Without the honey, you just have cut up apples. And without the apples, you just have sticky fingers.

But as Dick Vitale would say, “Just dip it in the honey, baby!”

Apples & Honey is the symbol of Rosh Hashanah and every Jew has tasted it.

But who will win? That is up to you to decide. Voting ends tomorrow evening.

What food do you like more?
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