Who’s on 1st? What’s on 2nd?

It was bad enough when the 2nd Avenue Deli closed and then reopened not on 2nd Avenue. But now owner Jeremy Lebewohl is in the works of opening up a 2nd location not on 2nd Avenue.2nd Avenue Deli where it belonged. On 2nd Avenue.

So where will we be able to get over-priced deli? Why the Upper East Side, of course. According to the agenda for a January 7th Community Board 8 meeting, the company applied for a liquor license to operate at 1442 First Avenue (at 75th Street), under the name Uncle Abies Deli on First Inc.

Says Lebewohl, “Even with a second location, that same flavor that you have at 33rd St, you’ll feel the same haymish relationship, just as you did on 2nd Ave. That feeling’s just as important to bring to the location as the food is.” (MORE)

Talk about Jewish geography.

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