Nothing Says “Change” Like the Old Country

This weekend, Washington DC is gonna be crazy town. Everyone you know and their aunt will be there (except me of course).

Eric Fingerhut at JTA wrote a peice telling you about all the Jewish events that will be taking place for the Obama inauguration. One thing stuck out at me (besides John Starks of 90s New York Knicks fame being one of the featured guests at an event) more than anything.

Not one, but two events are featuring klezmer music as their entertainment. Why? Is everyone such a huge klezmer fan that they demanded an accordian at every event?

I’m guessing this is just a lame attempt by the organizers to make their event distintively Jewish. I have a better idea. Why don’t you take the 16 foods from my Jewish Food Tourney, and have an amazing buffet? By the way, you can vote in the Matzah Ball Soup-Brisket match through this evening.

Unless they are inviting SoCalled (check the vid). But he is Canadian so that might not happen.

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