Jewish Food Tourney: #1 Matzah Ball Soup vs #8 Brisket

Welcome to the Elite Eight (For your information, the NCAA stole that title from me). The first matchup is a pretty interesting one.

Why? Because while Matzah Ball Soup is the #1 Seed, it is actually only an appetizer for Shabbat dinner, whose main course is Brisket. The tension is building already.

Matzah Ball Soup destroyed #16 Haroset in the first round. Haroset is really the only part of the Seder I like, so I was hoping it would at least put up a good fight. I’m actually surprised that it got 25% of the vote.

Matzah Ball Soup is amazing. Sometimes people don’t put enough salt in it, but I don’t think that should tarnish its wonderful name and reputation. Also, I don’t get why sometimes people only serve one matzah ball. Matzah balls are not expensive to make. Why not make extra? Everyone loves them. Everyone.

Now #8 Brisket might be ranked a little low. I claimed that it was ranked this low because it isn’t necessarily a Jewish only food and that you can get away with serving it on Christmas.

People took issue with this. Just look at a note I recieved on my Facebook wall:

there’s absolutely no way any person has ever had brisket at christmas. ever. you made that up and in the process proved that the over/under on the amount of non-jewish friends you have is 3. And I’m taking the under.

I purposely left the sentences uncapitalized to portray my friend as dumb. How dare you question my Jewish food authority? And I have like 6 non-Jewish friends.

But perhaps he is right. After all, Brisket defeated Sufganiyot by an even larger margin than Matzah Ball Soup beat Haroset.

Voting will end tomorrow evening.

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