Jewish Food Tourney: #4 Latkes vs #13 Manischewitz Wine, #5 Cholent vs #12 Honey Cake

We got another doubleheader for you today. But first, thanks to everyone for voting. This tournament is getting higher ratings than the NIT.

In the first matchup of the day, we got #4 Latkes vs #13 Manischewitz Wine. At first glance, this kind of seems like a blowout, especially with Hanukkah just ending. Yes, I get it. Latkes taste great. They are about as staple a Jewish food as you have. Or is it? Have we just built up latkes because of the hype of Christmas season? Are latkes the Gonzaga (watch this video) of Jewish foods? In the end of the day, isn’t the latke just kugel’s younger, cooler brother (who also happens to be fat)?

Then again, I might be wrong. Latkes can very well win this tournament.

Its opponent is Manischewitz Wine. For some reason, Manischewitz has a bad rap. But let me try to defend it’s case here. First, it is as much a Jewish staple as latkes, if not more. Non-Jewish restaurants serve “potato pancakes.” No bar, I mean no bar, would ever serve Manischewitz.

Second, it has an amazingly hilarious website, where you have to be 21 years of age to enter (No, I’m not kidding. They ask for your birthday when you enter). Speaking of which, Manischewitz wine might be the most underrated “pre-drink” drink ever. You seriously haven’t played Manischewitz Pong?

In the second match, we start with the #5 seed, Cholent. You can’t spell Shabbat lunch without Cholent (except for the “e” but I’m sure you didn’t actually check that). I personally like my cholent sweet. Others like it spicy. Eating cholent gives me an excuse to eat kishka and hot dogs at the same time. But beware of seconds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s up against the (in my opinion) overrated #12 Honey Cake. Honey cake CAN be very good. Your bubbe probably makes the best honey cake in the world. But Honey Cake is ranked low for a very simple flaw. Shul Kiddish. Have you ever eaten the honey cake at a shul kiddish? It’s hard, stale and tasteless. You are better off going for the greyish egg salad.

The polls will close at 11:59 pm, New Year’s Eve.

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