Jewish Food Tourney: #2 Lox and Bagel vs #15 Kugel, #3 Challah vs #14 Pickles

We got a doubleheader today at the MJLKFI (MyJewishLearning Kosher Food Invitational).

In our first matchup, we got #2 Lox and Bagel. The selection committee has recieved some heat for this high seeding. But we stand by it. Lox and bagels are a Jewish staple. Whether it’s Sunday morning brunch, Shavuot lunch, or a fancy kiddish at shul, lox and bagels spruce up any meal.

Why the controversy then? The cream cheese. If this food had one flaw, it’s the cream cheese. Some people live by it and claim that they can’t have the sandwich without it. Others are revolted by the very idea. Also, some people don’t like fishy things. But they don’t count.

Now, you cannot vote for this meal if you eat your sandwich without cream cheese. I’m sorry. But when you take out the cream cheese, it’s just a fish sandwich. ‘Aint nuthin’ Jewish about that.

It’s competition is #15 kugel. A safe pick. Ask a non-Jew what kugel is, you will be hard pressed to find a good answer. Hell, ask a Jew to describe kugel and they will have trouble. But there are good recipes. Potato is my favorite, followed by unsweetened noodle, and finally sweet noodle. Of course, there is also Yerushalmi kugel, which I have trouble figuring out whether or not I like it.

In the second matchup, we got one of my favorite foods, #3 Challah. You can’t have Shabbat dinner without challah. I would argue that it is the best part of Shabbat dinner. In fact, if the only thing on the table was challah, I wouldn’t even call the meal a complete failure. I would say, “Sure there was no chicken. But did you try the challah?”

We also have a controversial #14 seed in Pickles. There was actually debate as to whether or not they should have made the tournament. I actually think they should be ranked higher. Why? Because I love pickles. Love them. Love them. Love them. My favorite is the half sour, which some people have called girlyman for saying that. But I stand by my choice. They taste the most fresh and are the most crunchy.

The voting for these will end tomorrow night, Erev Christmas. Remember, you can vote for #1 Matzah Ball Soup vs. #16 Haroset until tomorrow morning.

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