What to Do on a Thursday Night: Detrimental Semantics

I love Thursday night television. The Office, 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If I’m going to miss some of those shows for something else, that something else better be damn good.

Tonight, I have something that I believe will be damn good. Detrimental Semantics will be headlining tonight at Sullivan Hall. Detrimental Semantics
Detrimental Semantics, made up of four hooligans, Adam Blander, Jacob Friedman, Bryan Hershkowitz and Benny Wallick, were formed out of the dust of the now defunct, Dank Skullcaps.

These guys are basically the best thing to come out of Yeshiva of Flatbush since Isaac Mizrahi and Joseph Telushkin (sorry Baruch Goldstein, you’re a distant fourth).

Since they brought on Friedman in the summer, there style has transformed from a chaotic jam band to a smooth indie-sounding group that still knows how to rock it out.

Here is their brand spanking new MySpace page. I recommend listening to “Overseas,” a ballad about a girl who goes to Israel for the year after high school, looking for something, but not knowing what.

This might be the last chance you will be able to see them for a while, being that the group is currently in a long distance relationship. They are scheduled to go on at 11 pm, after a bunch of anonymous other bands perform. Sullivan Hall is at 214 Sullivan St, NYC.

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