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I don’t know about you, but I barely pay attention to the advertising banners on websites. I usually know what I am looking for on a site and am not interested in other sites that might peak my interest.

The other day though, I got an email from an anonymous reader (who may or may not be my mother) saying that she spotted some google ads for Messianic Judiasm on the MyJewishLearning site. Now, we here at Mixed Multitudes are all for diversity, but we have little interest in being converted.

While we don’t have full control of what pops up on the google ads, we can block sites from showing up. In fact, for parts of the past couple of days, I have been scrolling through the articles on the site, searching for these pesky tricksters.

And you can too! If you see any ads that you think shouldn’t be on the MJL site, we’d love to hear about it. Just visit the MJL Help Desk here.

Otherwise, enjoy the information of,, and the I.L. Peretz Jewish School (a secular Jewish Sunday school and community in Central New Jersey).

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