The Never-Ending Christmas Season

I haven’t seen snow yet. Supposedly it has snowed in New York once or twice, but I have yet to confirm that.

I know we talk about this every year, but why is it the Christmas season already? Isn’t it Thanksgiving season? Are they one and the same?

Why do I have to be bombarded with all of these commercials during Cheshvan? If it were Tishrei, I could at least use the “I don’t watch television during the Ten Days” excuse. But Cheshvan? There is nothing to distract me.

Literally every year there is a different commercial using “Jingle Bells.” Of course, the only one of note is this 1998 classic.

Of course, we Jews don’t help the situation. We always get sucked into this early holiday bonanza. And it’s embarressing. All we do is make some lame Chanukkah joke about how we aren’t jealous of Christmas (secret, we really are). Remember we get 8 presents!

Even Jon Stewart fell into the trap:

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