SwiftJews for Truth

Sorry, I’ve been in a haze since last Tuesday night. I blacked out at one point and am finally coming to my senses.

Did Obama win?

I know it’s probably a little late to show an election themed video but I love the guys from 236.com, the satire site of the Huffington Post.

Most of you remember the 2004 ad campaign by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, with former POWs arguing that John Kerry basically sold them out after Vietnam.

During this past year’s primaries, 236 came out with a hilarious set of videos called SwiftKids for Truth, which featured five year olds complaining about things Obama’s past drug use to Hilary Clinton bashing the art of cookie baking.

Just before the election, 236 came out with one more video, this time to less popularity, called SwiftJews for Truth, featuring a bunch of old Jews doing stereotypically old Jewish things. It isn’t as great as SwiftKids, but funny nonetheless. Enjoy!

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