Art Scroll Stocks Expected to Tumble…

The world of technology sure is moving fast. While CNN is now using holograms to interview people, BlackBerry is running Jewish publication companies out of business.

Check out JewBerry. While not affiliated or created by BlackBerry, JewBerry is an application you can download that gives you access to all of your daily prayer needs.

At the airport and your flight is delayed? Just open up your JewBerry and daven Ma’ariv.

Don’t have a Birkat card at work? Well, stop BBMing for a minute and go to JewBerry.

This got me thinking.  With technology moving so fast, how long will it be until liberal synagogues start using electronic siddurs? Imagine sitting in the pews, and have a personal computer in front of you. On it, you can go to any service as well as get an archive of the rabbi’s past sermons.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a visionary.

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