Edgar Bronfman on the US Elections

Yesterday, the Huffington Post featured an article written by Philanthropist and MyJewishLearning friend, Edgar Bronfman on why he is supporting Barack Obama for President of the United States.

First, Bronfman explains why he is not supporting McCain:

To have the United States and Israel both regarded by the rest of the world as unreliable and in isolation is no way to solve the problems that plague both countries. This has been the effect of the Bush policies, and these are the policies that John McCain has promised to continue.

Then, Bronfman goes on to explain some qualities he likes about Obama:

He is brilliant in his choices of advisors. He is a tough idealist who has the courage to imagine an America that may inspire hope, not fear, in the Middle East and around the world.

What I liked most about Bronfman’s article is that he doesn’t buy the argument that the Bush policies (and what he concludes to be McCain’s policies) are better for Israel.  As he argues, the Middle East and Israel are no safer than they were eight years ago and, in fact, Israel is farther away from peace now than when Clinton left office.

I’m really happy that prominent pro-Israel supporters have been coming out lately in support of Barack Obama. Bronfman is the former head of the World Jewish Congress.  Alan Dershowitz, author of the most popular pro-Israel book in the past decade, The Case for Israel, is also an Obama supporter.

While the Republican Jewish Coalition is trying to scare the Jewish community into believe Israel is in danger if Obama is elected, smart, intellegent, prominent members of the Jewish community are coming out in support of him.

If you want to see other prominent (and not so prominent Jews) in support of Obama, check out this video:

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