What’s the deal with libel?

I’m all about reporting on people being sued.  Today’s victim, Jerry Seinfeld.

Let me give you the whole story. Jerry has a wife named Jessica. Jessica has lots of time and money on her hands so she decided to write a cookbook geared at cooking healthy food for kids. Only one problem. Best selling cookbook author Missy Chase Lapine claimed that Jessica plagiarized her recipes.

Flash forward to Jerry on David Letterman a little while ago. While Dave was making some funny jokes about how Lapine must have invented food and no one is allowed to make food again, Jerry took it to another level, joking that people with three names always turn out to be assassins (John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray, etc.).

Lapine, who either wants Jerry’s money or hates funny, is suing Jerry for libel after her 7 year old daughter came home asking what an assassin was. Lapine is arguing that she has never felt more threatened in her life.

Threatened? No one is trying to kill her. She is the assassin (please don’t sue me)!

This isn’t the first time Jerry has gotten in trouble for making jokes.  Remember this?

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