It’s a slow month in the Jewish non-profit world

Not that complaining (don’t tell me boss…too late).

Back when I was at McGill, I was exposed to the horrors of mid-week Jewish holidays. It wasn’t just missing the class time. Because McGill’s last day of school is April 30th, I would have to reschedule final exams for Passover.  I had Shomer Shabbos friends who would go to class (while not taking notes) just to be familiar with the material.

This year was especially bad.  I don’t envy anyone who has Tuesday/Wednesday class (or a Monday night class, that would be the worst). In fact I have a friend who goes to Cardozo Law School (part of Yeshiva University), that had class up until 4pm on Erev Yom Kippur, meaning that over half the class wasn’t there.

I, on the other hand, work for a Jewish non-profit organization.  Meaning that even though I got out early on Friday for Shabbat, I’m leaving again in approximately an hour, not returning until Thursday morning.

Stop applying for jobs on Wall St.  Jewish non-profit world is where it’s at.

Just ask Jon Stewart.

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