Say It Ain’t So

Please please please please please say this isn’t true.

An anti-Semitic blog is claiming that Sarah Palin is *gasp* Jewish.

Normally, you should ignore anti-Semitic blogs. But its rendered enough media attention that it was commented on by Ron Kampeas at JTA.

Kampeas eventually concludes that the claim is most probably false, but he also has no way of disproving it.

Well, Kampeas should do some more research before scaring me like this. Why didn’t he go to to check up her lineage? If he did, he would see that her grandfather’s name is not Schmuel Sheigam, as the blog claims but rather,Clement Sheeran, the son of Michael James Sheeran (not a Jew).

Joe Lieberman is the only Jewish almost-but not meant to be-Vice-President in my heart.

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